Left Hanging

We all know that bad service is one of the biggest reasons people stop doing business.

We recently encountered some poor service ourselves and despite a number of attempts to have the situation rectified we are left hanging. Rather then allow other people in our wonderful community (recent crimes aside) to suffer too, we thought it prudent to give you a story that may just save your business.

Just the facts: Back in November 2015 we were approached by our then mobile phone service provider and advised that we were eligible to re-sign on a two year commitment.

Our old supplier had some very good deals on there website, that when discussed we were not eligible for as an existing business customer. However, to our surprise Spark was willing to offer us a competitive deal. We confirmed via Sparks wonderful coverage map, that we could get 4G internet here in the valley, sure enough apparently we can get it, so we signed over. (For anyone who is not familiar, 4G mobile data offers internet speeds that are far above 3G and many copper internet that you get at home and even some fiber plans).

After switching over, just before christmas 2015 we discovered our mobile speeds were not moving as fast as they should. After a number of internal tests we realised we were not getting 4G in the valley, beyond the entrance.

A few calls to Sparks tech support and a considerable amount of time talking some bright Spark (pun intended) realised the closest 4G capable tower was around the Haywards, and was even kind enough to let us know. Now since we are in a valley it may be relevant to note that mobile data does not travel through hills very well, even the one that Holburn Drive is on.

After giving up, since most businesses are away for Christmas anyway we left it till the 13/01/2016 to send an email to our business manager (he was still on holiday for a further week). 11/02/2016 a follow up email was sent, we were reassured that the email was passed on to the relevant department. Over a month later (17/03/2016) we received a reply from Spark “Complex Technical Support” basically telling us we needed to learn how to operate an iPhone. Later that day we replied and advised we had already been through this and that despite having the same problem on three different brands they were welcome to have their sales representative come and see us. 12 days later we were told a Spark agent that lives in the valley got 4G and we should call the local business hub. After a few calls to the local business hub things became apparent to them that there was a problem (once more they realised where the closest cell tower was). We were advised that it was the Wellington business hub that set up the deal so it was their problem, and they would be in touch. After a follow up call to say we had not heard anything at the beginning of May we started writing this article

Back to our opinion, we bring the article to you not as a whinge, but rather as a kind word for your business or personal life. As of the 20th May we still have not had a response, and notice the same coverage map is still on Sparks website falsely advertising 4G as available for most of the valley. We have advised Spark who we were and that we did include articles here, but alas apparently some problems don't need to be fixed. The customer’s call does NOT always deserve an answer.


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Keep an eye out for July’s article!


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