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Succession planning in action: Dennis O’Grady is bringing his son Shawn into his accountancy business.

Stokes Valley Accountant Dennis O’Grady is a firm believer in succession planning.

In fact he has written articles about it in the Stokes Valley Times.

Now the “Taxman” is putting his advice into practice in his own firm, Dennis O’Grady Limited, by welcoming son Shawn into the fold.

As he advises others, so Dennis is demonstrating the worth of bringing in a younger person who will give his practice a “fresh new look- introducing new technology and new ways of doing things.”

While Dad remains the “old head” guiding the business and maintaining his long-term clients, Shawn is developing his own client base for those who want a “younger head on the shoulders.”

Shawn is doing a lot more ‘one on one’ work with business development clients and also developing his business coaching, while setting up and implementing new office systems. He has already cut his teeth in his Dad’s business as a “major player behind the scenes” in upgrading its technology, so is already familiar with what is expected of him in his more hands -on role.

And the secret is now out- Shawn has already been writing some of the monthly Times columns for his Dad- “and he always gets his in on deadline”, says Dennis.

Shawn  finds the business coaching work especially rewarding as the feedback to date has been very positive: “clients will ring me and say that what I had said really worked for them, making for cost savings and profit increases”, and that’s even among those who query the need  for a business coach ain the first place!

For Shawn it is the best of both worlds and he is grateful his Dad acts more as a mentor than some who insist it is “my way or the highway”;  Dennis says he is thrilled to be able to pass on the business to the next generation- ultimately.

“I shall stay around until he decides he doesn’t need me anymore!”

“Having Dad to guide me into the business as my mentor is of great value to my future success,” responds Shawn.

Born and bred in Stokes Valley, Shawn says he literally “grew up in the back room at Dad’s office”. School holidays when he was little he recalls as a time when all his friends came around to the building to play.

After a time getting a firm grounding in the accounting profession, with some very forward thinking firms in Australia, Shawn has returned to settle again in Stokes Valley, bringing with him his Australian wife and their little daughter, who will turn five in January.

Dennis began his own accountancy practice in 1993 and after a short time working from home he moved into his present Oates Street building in December 1994.


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