Great Expectations

By now your accountant should have your work. Is it done yet? Did you find a good accountant and work with them to get the information to them in the best possible way? Yes, great it should be done shortly. So I will stop with the preaching about getting your work in and get back to the more casual articles.

How many emails do you get daily? How many of them are important? With more and more emails being sent our office has seen a marked increase in junk. I’m not talking about the Viagra sales pitches or the lose fat and tone up pills. I’m talking about all the training courses, one day deals, latest new/ tweets. It is not surprising that many people have missed or mistakenly delete an email.

Lately I have unsubscribed from most of the emails I receive daily and redirected a number of other emails to someone else. Even if you do not have staff (maybe you are the employee) you can still unsubscribe from many of those emails (use the “unsubscribe” link that should be at the bottom of all marketing emails). When was the last time you made a purchase from the daily deal? It is likely that you could spend that extra 10 minutes a day working and being productive. For those on a salary or hourly rate this may be little. However,  for those of us that receive their income based on work done , 10 minutes can be a precious amount of time.

So now that we have fewer emails in the in box we should be all good to go and never miss another important email again. Wrong, unfortunately neither the spam scanning software on the computer or you (or me) are perfect. I routinely check the email spam folder every week (or so) and often catch one email in there that is not spam. Just as likely is to get a little tick happy when marking the rubbish emails to be deleted and accidentally delete an important email with some instructions (or worse yet a business opportunity).

Have you ever received an email and not opened it? Only to open it hours later to discover it was something that needed to be done ASAP (like hours ago). What did you do? This happened to us a while ago, we received an email seeking advice on the day of settlement for a business purchase. The email was not opened until the client called us asking why we had not responded yet. We have all placed so much reliance on email that we think it is instant and deemed to have been received (unless we get a “message could not be delivered”). Unlike a phone call there is no instant feedback. I’m sure we have all left work early for the day, or been sick only to not receive any emails for a period. Seldom does this actually matter but we all know murphy's law. I urge anyone sending an email that is important (or has a deadline) to consider following it up with a phone call. Phone calls are great even if you are talking with the receptionist you can impress upon them that an email has been sent and you MUST have an answer ASAP because……..


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